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We have many pace groups, ranging from walkers and beginners to gentle joggers and fast marathon training groups. To find the right one for you, contact Saturday run options for marathon training groups are often posted on GRR blog under Saturday Runs.


The Glastonbury River Walkers launched in January 2012 and has over 60 walkers. See more information on the Glastonbury River Walkers.


This beginner group is a nine week program that is held three times a year.  It is mainly geared toward people that are new to running.  Click here for more information on our popular, FREE nine-week beginner training programs!

Runners that are newer to running and looking for a group to run with on a weekly basis for a few miles should check out the Intermediates group below.  Mileage and pace levels vary within that group.

Happy Running 3

A new group which runs 3 miles at a time: Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 AM, and Saturday at 7 A.M.  12 min pace +/-.  Contact for details.


3–10 mile runs for intermediate runners, anyone recovering from injury (and liking a lie-in) or anyone liking a slower pace. Open to anyone. Some members run up to 10 miles on Saturdays, others less, and the pace ranges from 9 to 12 minute miles. Saturday runners usually have two options:

  • Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 AM at the parking lot across from the fountain on Main Street/Hebron Avenue to run 3-4 miles.
  • Saturdays: either 7:15 or 7:30 AM across from the fountain to run 3-9+ miles, or 6:30 AM at Riverfront Park to run 5+ miles before helping the beginners (if there is a beginner training program underway).

Some members of this group participate in the Hartford half-marathon in October. Organized by Lori Lowry and Amy Ramos.

The Civilized Running Group

Our current schedule (*) is as follows:

  • Tuesday mornings: usually 5:30 AM from Main Street across from the fountain for 6-8 miles.
  • Thursday mornings: usually 5:30 AM from Rotary field on Olde Stage Rd for hill repeats/5 miles.
  • Saturday mornings: usually 6:30 AM from Main Street across from the fountain, or meeting up with other groups. Mileage varies depending on personal training goals. Members within this group may be training for a 5K, 10K, half or full marathon.
  • An additional morning is usually added when members are training for a half or full marathon.

Pace varies within the group from approximately 10:00 – 11:00 minutes per mile.

(*) times/distances may change depending on distances members are running, their plans for the day and weather. If you are interested in joining our group then please email us to request to be added to our distribution list so you will get any changes/updates. Contacts are Jen Black and Syed Hashmi.

The Fabulous Fours

Susan Sacco and Tricia King lead this varied group of runners. Pace varies between 7 and 9:30 minute miles. Most group members run one or more marathons or triathlons a year. Usual meeting times and places are:

  • 5 AM Tuesdays on the corner of Addison Road and Hebron Avenue
  • 5 AM Thursdays at Glastonbury High School, Hubbard Avenue
  • Usually 6:30 AM Saturdays – often on Main Street, Glastonbury, sometimes in South Glastonbury or on one of the Airline Trails.

Contact to be put on the mailing list.

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