Congratulations Firecrackers!

Congratulations to all 248 runners and walkers who participated in the Glastonbury River Runnners InterCommunity Firecracker 5K this  Sunday, June 30th, 2013


IMG_5592Some fantastically fast times this year, particularly from John Busque, who retained his title with a winning time of 16:00, and Julia Giloran who took the women’s title in 21:56. 

The full Firecracker 5K results are now available on The Last Mile website.


Race photos are here on the GRR Flickr site and can be viewed, shared and downloaded for free. Photos are by Brett Roberson and Monica Guy, highly unprofessional (photos and photographers) so please forgive us if we missed you. The photos are roughly in order of time taken.

If anyone objects to their or their children’s photo being online, please email with the link and we’ll remove it as soon as possible. And if anyone would like their photo in the original resolution (for the mantelpiece/grandma), again email info@ with the link.

Beginner group at Firecracker 5K 2013Beginners

Congratulations in particular to graduates from our 5K Beginner Training Program, which has been ongoing for the last nine weeks thanks to Dawn Emanuele, Maggie DeVito and their fantastic team of helpers.

For many of these new runners it was their first 5K! First of many we hope.


Congratulations also to all kids who participated in the Zoomerangs program organized by Ray Long and Kate Rich – you all did fantastically (and look a lot cuter than your parents).

Zoomerangs kids at Firecracker 5K

Glastonbury Youth & Family Services

This year’s benefactor of the Firecracker 5K is Glastonbury Youth and Family Services. Thanks to a fantastic turnout we will be able to make an even greater donation than expected to this valuable service.

Thanks and see you next time!

Rosemary Hokanson and Dawn EmanueleThanks to race organizers Rosemary Hokanson and Dawn Emanuele and all the volunteers for another fabulous event. Thanks in particular to Tricia King for organizing the cookies and other food. Thanks also to Vicki Gagliardi for singing the National Anthem so beautifully – as always.

And a big thank you to all our sponsors, particularly the race’s naming sponsor InterCommunity.

We can’t put these races on without you all.

Keep checking back for more updates today and this week – and join us for our next 5K, the Freed McKeen Race to Fill the Pantry on November 10th, 2013.


Rockin’ Walkers Restarts June 15th

Rockin' Walkers at Hartford MarathonFrom Margaret Rorrio, leader of the Rockin’ Walkers…

It’s that time again..Yippi!

Half marathon program for those who don’t want to run or cannot run for various reasons. I’m an RRCA certified running coach, but I coach the Rockin” Walkers. My next free session starts June 15th and we will finish with the Hartford Half Marathon in October. This is a sub group under the Glastonbury River Runners club.

We meet every Saturday at 8 AM at Riverfront Park, 200 Welles Street in Glastonbury. Start times do change as the miles gets longer and and to beat the heat.

RSVP to if you intend to come along and want to be put on the group mailing list.

And check out this cool video about the Rockin’ Walkers on the GRR YouTube channel:

PS Feel free to watch some of our other YouTube videos. I transferred a bunch over from my personal account to the GRR account and it reset all the views to zero.)

Walkers Restart December 1st After Rockin’ 2012

By Margaret Rorrio

The Rockin’ Walkers next beginners session will start Dec 1st 2012 at 8am. We will meet under the gazebo at Riverfront Park, 200 Welles Street, Glastonbury.

All you gotta do is show up;). P.S It’s FREE!!! Yippi…

I’m super excited to announce Bina Katechia and Sarah Abraham from the Rockin’ Walkers have volunteered to help as coaches for the next session…YIPPI!

This year’s goal will be a half marathon by October 2013.

The Rockin Walkers now has three groups you can join.

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Speedos

For more information email Margaret Rorrio at

Rockin' Walkers at Hartford Marathon2012 Wrap-Up

Glastonbury River Runners’ first ever Rockin’ Walking group end with a bang! I’m just tickled pink on how awesome the Rockin’ Walker 2012 group did at the ING Hartford Marathon and Half… Check out the pics from Hartford Marathon and see how much fun we had.

Love this quote from Severina on our last training night..

Wow! Are you sure we did 4 Miles??.. That way EASY!;)..

From a woman who couldn’t walk from the gazebo at Riverfront Park up the small hill to Main Street back in Jan 2012 when we started this program. And she did finish first half marathon.

The Rockin’ Walkers has become a group of people that truly care and inspire each other.

We all have made new life long friends. It’s so cool to see many of the Rockin’ Walkers get together to participate in other events, such as The Warrior Dash, The Urban Challenge and soon the Manchester Turkey Day Race. We ended the season with a party at Moe’s to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments.

Good food, good friends and lots of fun! Rock On Rockin’ Walkers.

Marathon results

Margaret Rorrio (Lead coach of Rockin’ walker): 7:04:32

Amy Kenkel (Rockin’ walker): 7:04:32

Half results

Sarah Schneiderman (Rockin’ walker): 2:52:59

Sarah Abraham (Rockin’ walker): 3:25:53

Candy Noonan (Rockin’ walker): 3:33:29

Severina Vodopivec (Rockin’ walker): 3:33:30

Jeannet Eireman Iron Horse half 2;46

Marie Michaels Iron Horse Half 2;46

5K results

Bina Katechia (Rockin’ walker): 41:19

Brian Beaulieu (Rockin’ walker): 54:46

Full Marathon



Time Changes for Saturday Walkers

From Margaret Rorrio

  • Causal Saturday walker. Up to a 5k (3.1 miles). 8 AM start. Self guided. I leave routes out under the gazebo.
  • A little more, a little further, but not crazy. Up to 10k (6.2 miles). Approx 7:30 AM start. Self guided. I leave routes out under the gazebo.
  • I’ve  been walking for a while – time to step it up a notch to a half marathon (13.1 miles). Approx 7 AM start. Self guided, I leave routes out under the gazebo.
  • Yippi – I got the fever. Let’s do it baby! A full marathon (26.2 miles). 6 AM start. Led By Margaret Rorrio unless noted by email.

We’re over 14 miles now. I started this program in January and the numbers are starting to come in – or should I say the numbers are coming DOWN!!

Reported by the walkers from their doctors: Blood Pressure DOWN. Several people are 20lbs or more DOWN. Cholesterol DOWN by 50 points for some. Glucose levels are DOWN. Incredible.

Rockin’ Walkers Gone Rogue: 4 Miles & No Further

There is a new walking group forming for folks who don’t want to go any further than 4 miles but still want to meet up on Saturdays and walk.

This group is for people who enjoy walking with a group but wish to keep the miles lower and slower…around 2-4 miles each time. The group will meet every Saturday at 8 AM at Riverfront Park and will be responsible for choosing their own route. Continue reading “Rockin’ Walkers Gone Rogue: 4 Miles & No Further”

Runners! Walkers Need You!

By Margaret Rorrio

Do you think that running and walking are different things – that you have nothing to contribute to the Glastonbury River Walkers?

No! The only difference is that a walker has one foot on the ground at all times. Runners come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Runners run slow, fast, faster, lightning fast… Walkers walk slow, fast, faster, lightning fast. Just the same! New walkers deserve the same respect as new 5Kers. And many of our walkers are runners with injuries, aches and pains…so, just like runners, but more sensible. Continue reading “Runners! Walkers Need You!”

Rockin’ Walkers Start Tuesday Evening Walks

By Margaret Rorrio

Hartford Marathon here we come! The Rockin’ Walkers are off to a great start! We are already up to 4 miles. Yippi! And on March 13th we started our Tuesday evening sessions at 5:30 AM at Glastonbury High School – park in Lot D. Continue reading “Rockin’ Walkers Start Tuesday Evening Walks”