Saturday Group Runs

Join us for a Saturday group run! Whether you are new to the club, just trying it out, or coming back, we’d love to see you!

You can try a run a couple of times, but please join the club if you intend on running with us regularly. Join here.

The following groups will meet on Saturday, March 26, 2016:

Fabulous Fours: Center of town, Glastonbury, CT. 6:30AM, 10+ miles, no defined routes.

Intermediates: Buttonball School, Glastonbury, CT. 7AM. Varied distances, routes TBD.

Civilized: Glastonbury Town Green, 7:30AM. About 10 miles.

Rockin Walkers: Contact Margaret @

Yoga for Runners – Benefits + GRR Discount

Sacred Rivers Yoga logoAny runners out there feeling aches and pains? Yoga might be a solution – and you can test out that theory at the Yoga for Athletes class at Sacred Rivers Yoga on Monday nights at 7 PM. Sacred Rivers, a GRR sponsor, offer GRR members a special rate of $10 per class.

Justin Axel, who teaches the Yoga for Athletes class, explains the benefits of yoga for runners… Continue reading “Yoga for Runners – Benefits + GRR Discount”

Amira: Fueling the Natural Way – Go Raw 100% Organic Live Granola Bars



go rawWant to fuel your workouts a more natural way…with sustainable energy, high carbohydrates, lower in sugar and calories?

Then you have to give Go Raw 100% Organic Live Bars a try!

Packed with 32g Carbs, 6g Protein, 300mg Omega 3, 290mg Potassium, High Fiber, 12g Sugar and just 240 calories a bar, Organic Raw Granola Bars are the perfect way to fuel any workout – and because they are lower in calories and sugar, you can consume more than one for the more intense distance workouts.

Raw, Vegan, Certified Organic, Certified Wheat/Gluten and Nut free – you can’t get much better than that! 

There are several different delicious varieties – my favorite for taste and content is the Live Granola Bar:

Sprouted Organic Buckwheat Groats
Sprouted Organic Sunflower Seeds
Sprouted Organic Flax Seeds
Sprouted Organic Sesame Seeds
Organic Raisins and Date

The Bars can be a little pricey – I purchase mine cheaper on Amazon, and Whole Foods sometimes has them on sale. The awesome nutritional value far outweighs though in my opinion. (Check them out on Amazon HERE)


Happy fuelling your workouts the very best way 🙂


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Start the New Year with Strava!

Deb & Ray McFall with their familyBy Deb McFall, who has recently set up a Glastonbury River Runners Strava page

If you just got the latest and greatest Garmin for Christmas or run/cycle with a GPS device, chances are you’re a data geek – you like to see how far, how fast and how long that ride or run took you. There are several running/cycling tracking sites out there, but Strava comes with some really cool capabilities and is worth checking out.

I first found out about Strava about two years ago from a friend who is a cyclist out west. He said: “All the cool kids use Strava out here.” This seems to be one of those “west coast cool things” that is taking a while to catch on in the east. I joined shortly after and haven’t really used the Garmin site since then. Continue reading “Start the New Year with Strava!”

Amira’s Reflections on 2013; Goals for 2014

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5KBy Amira Lerario

It’s my birthday today. Nothing major is happening – I’m not moving up into another race age division, I’m just moving closer to one…

It is, however, a good time for me to reflect on my 2013 running, coaching and racing year, and think about my goals as a runner and coach for 2014. Continue reading “Amira’s Reflections on 2013; Goals for 2014”

Winter Running – Amira’s Tips on Staying Warm

GRR member Ray McFall running in winterBy Amira Lerario

Winter running unfortunately scares away runners who have worked so hard to build up their running skills spring, summer and fall. Winter really is a great time of year to run if you have the right gear, and the right attitude 🙂 It’s important to continue to run throughout the winter to maintain your running fitness and prepare yourself for spring races…they’ll be here before you know it!

If you have difficulty getting out on those cold winter days and nights, find yourself a running partner, join a local running club, hire a coach – yay! Look into some spring races, and set yourself some goals for spring – thinking and planning ahead is a great way to keep you motivated and goal originated. Continue reading “Winter Running – Amira’s Tips on Staying Warm”

Running While Pregnant

Mackenzie at 7 days old
Melanie and Mackenzie at 7 days old

Pre-reading disclaimer

So for all you guys who are well past childbearing years, this is not the article for you. If you are one of my running friends and would rather just not “know” (and spare my dignity) I suggest you find an alternate article to read.

Running through pregnancy

My best friend just found out she’s pregnant and as a fellow distance runner (she’s done way more marathons than me) she called me for help because it’s not going well. You know, the running while being pregnant part. So I thought I’d share with you what I’ll share with her. Maybe it will help someone.

My story

I decided to tell my running group pretty early on (8 weeks) that I was pregnant for several reasons. The first is that I wanted them to know in case I had any kind of accidents or medical emergencies out on the road. The second is because I didn’t want to have to take a lot of grief for not “performing” at my usual level–permission to back off a little. And third because they are my friends and all that gushy stuff.

I knew I wanted to run through pregnancy and a quick google search told me that people do it but it was still pretty obscure. There are VERY few articles were written on the subject with any real detail. Continue reading “Running While Pregnant”

Amira: Why Do We Run?

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5KWho are runners? Why do we run?

All shapes and sizes, all ages and races – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters…we run for pleasure, for fitness, a challenge, companionship, a sense of achievement…

We race together – each unique, with individual goals – we share feelings of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, determination…

We run in the heat, the cold, the rain, the snow – logging mile after mile in the early mornings, and late at night…

We are passionate, dreamers, strong, determined, committed…

For those who think we are crazy – and I know there are many of you out there …

Most of all, we are a community of friendly, fun, generous people – cheerers, supporters, advocates, confidence builders, volunteers and charity raisers…

What a wonderful gift…to be a Runner!

Amira Lerario
USATF & RRCA Certified Running Coach & Marathoner
CPR, First Aid and AED Certified
Fitness and Nutrition Instructor

Taking a Break Could Help Your Training

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5KAs athletes, it’s OK to give ourselves permission to take a break during a training cycle, injured or not! The countless weeks, miles, hours, early mornings and late evenings of a training schedule, can take a tremendous toll on our bodies, minds and lives. It is said, that training for an event is often more strenuous than the event itself.

Feeling broken

With 13 weeks of uninhibited training down, just like at mile 23 of a marathon, I suddenly found myself totally exhausted, and unable to function physically and mentally. The rigors of training, coaching/business, four young children on school summer vacation, lack of sleep, and life in general, finally knocked me off my feet!  Continue reading “Taking a Break Could Help Your Training”

Amira’s Training Tips: Yoga for Runners

Amira Lerario - yoga poseNothing quite like YOGA to stretch out the kinks of a 39 mile training and coaching weekend….this 46 year old body was really feeling the joint and muscle aches this morning!!!

Of course YOGA is a wonderful mind and body workout for people of all ages. There are varying degrees of intensity and poses…myself, I prefer the more relaxing, stretching type of yoga, versus trying to twist myself into a pretzel, or twisting and sweating in 90 degree temps…

What’s so good about yoga?


As a Running/Fitness Coach and marathoner, YOGA is a part of my daily training routine. I also recommend YOGA to all the runners I coach.

All too often, STRETCHING, STRENGTHENING and gaining FLEXIBILITY take a back seat in our daily lives, if practiced at all. Most people are unaware as to just how stiff and sore their bodies really are until they begin to stretch them out….so it’s important to incorporated stretching and strengthening into daily routines, to promote fit, strong, healthy minds and bodies as we age, athlete or not.

How yoga helps you stay injury-free

STRENGTH, BALANCE, STAMINA and FLEXIBILITY aid in injury prevention, allows for a faster leg turnover in athletes = increased pace, and just makes the mind and body feel so good!

If the cost of a class is beyond your means, there are countless YOGA DVD’S available in stores and online…just make sure that you buy a DVD that is within your present fitness abilities – if the moves are too difficult, you will probably end up not doing them.

Don’t be discouraged at first if you feel stiff, and unable to do some of the YOGA poses…the more you practice, the more flexible you will become, and the better you’ll feel!!!


Yoga-related resources


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Why Do We Only Stretch When We’re Injured?

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5KI’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again……STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH, AND THEN STRETCH SOME MORE!!!

I’ve had a number of injured runners approach me lately, wanting me to help them. A common theme that I’m finding is little to no stretching and poor flexibility = varying degrees of tightness in the joints and muscles.

Stretching prevents injury

As athletes, we tend to only take the time to stretch when we are injured, instead of working on preventing the injury in the first place. Our muscles are constantly being contracted (shortened) as we workout, so it’s really important to stretch, (lengthen) them back out again after.

If we do not, then our muscles remain tight, and continue to tighten further, the more we use them without adequate stretching, running the risk of injury.

Feel good and look good

Stretching not only makes you flexible, but it also strengthens and tones the muscles, so you not only feel good, but you look good too…a win, win situation!

How often to stretch

When I talk about STRETCHING, I’m not talking about the 5 to maybe 10 minutes that you spend after a workout lifting your legs in the air, I’m talking about a good 20-30 minutes at least 3 times a week. In a perfect world, every day, but as a working, training mother of 4, I know that’s not always feasible.

Try yoga

YOGA is a wonderful way to gain strength, flexibility and incorporate some relaxation into our busy lives. I’ve recently taken to doing YOGA before my runs, and I’m finding that my legs and body feel stronger, almost powerful. Flexibility and strength also go a long way in improving leg turnover, and can enhance running, cycling and swimming speed.

So come on athletes…..take the time to STRETCH! You’ll be glad you did. Take a YOGA class, buy a DVD, but hit the floor! You choose, 30 mins, 3-4 times a week of relaxing, feel good, strengthening, toning exercises, or day after day of tightness, pain, stress and complaints?!! I see it all the time!

I know where I’d rather have my body be 🙂

Here are some easy YOGA poses to get you started, plus some strengthening and stretching exercises for runners.