Yoga for Runners – Benefits + GRR Discount

Any runners out there feeling aches and pains? Yoga might be a solution – and you can test out that theory at the Yoga for Athletes class at Sacred Rivers Yoga on Monday nights at 7 PM. Sacred Rivers, a GRR sponsor, offer GRR members a special rate of $10 … Continue reading

The Science of Marathon Running

  The Science of Marathon Running – It’s Okay to be Smart – PBS Digital Studios     YouTube Link: The Science of Marathon Running

Start the New Year with Strava!

Deb & Ray McFall with their family

By Deb McFall, who has recently set up a Glastonbury River Runners Strava page.  If you just got the latest and greatest Garmin for Christmas or run/cycle with a GPS device, chances are you’re a data geek – you like to see how far, how fast and how long that … Continue reading

Amira’s Reflections on 2013; Goals for 2014

By Amira Lerario It’s my birthday today. Nothing major is happening – I’m not moving up into another race age division, I’m just moving closer to one… It is, however, a good time for me to reflect on my 2013 running, coaching and racing year, and think about my goals … Continue reading

Winter Running – Amira’s Tips on Staying Warm

Glastonbury River Runners on New Year's Day 2013

By Amira Lerario Winter running unfortunately scares away runners who have worked so hard to build up their running skills spring, summer and fall. Winter really is a great time of year to run if you have the right gear, and the right attitude It’s important to continue to run … Continue reading

Running While Pregnant

Pre-reading disclaimer So for all you guys who are well past childbearing years, this is not the article for you. If you are one of my running friends and would rather just not “know” (and spare my dignity) I suggest you find an alternate article to read. Running through pregnancy … Continue reading

Amira: Why Do We Run?

Who are runners? Why do we run? All shapes and sizes, all ages and races – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters…we run for pleasure, for fitness, a challenge, companionship, a sense of achievement… We race together – each unique, with individual goals – we share feelings of anticipation, excitement, nervousness, determination… … Continue reading

Taking a Break Could Help Your Training

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5K

As athletes, it’s OK to give ourselves permission to take a break during a training cycle, injured or not! The countless weeks, miles, hours, early mornings and late evenings of a training schedule, can take a tremendous toll on our bodies, minds and lives. It is said, that training for … Continue reading

Amira’s Training Tips: Yoga for Runners

Amira Lerario - yoga pose

Nothing quite like YOGA to stretch out the kinks of a 39 mile training and coaching weekend….this 46 year old body was really feeling the joint and muscle aches this morning!!! Of course YOGA is a wonderful mind and body workout for people of all ages. There are varying degrees … Continue reading

Why Do We Only Stretch When We’re Injured?

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5K

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again……STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH, AND THEN STRETCH SOME MORE!!! I’ve had a number of injured runners approach me lately, wanting me to help them. A common theme that I’m finding is little to no stretching and poor flexibility = varying degrees of tightness … Continue reading