Taking a Break Could Help Your Training

Amira Lerario at Firecracker 5K

As athletes, it’s OK to give ourselves permission to take a break during a training cycle, injured or not! The countless weeks, miles, hours, early mornings and late evenings of a training schedule, can take a tremendous toll on our bodies, minds and lives. It is said, that training for … Continue reading

Amira’s Juicing Secret Recipe Revealed


AN ATHLETE’S DREAM JUICE…. Since my previous piece on Juicing proved to be such a success, and I have had several requests for additional delicious, and nutritious homemade recipes, I thought that I would extend the topic a little further When I’m in the mood to pack a few more … Continue reading

Amira on the Benefits of Juicing


GRR member and running coach Amira Lerario extols the benefits of juicing… I have recently discovered the WONDERS of JUICING – and I love it! I’m hooked! The benefits of juicing The HEALTH BENEFITS of juicing are numerous, to mention a few: DETOX and CLEANSE the body to improve health, … Continue reading

The Buzz on Gluten!

The new fad or health craze these days is to avoid gluten in your diet. Gluten is a protein filler in many foods, especially processed foods. Gluten is found to cause inflammation in your small intestine causing gas, bloating and discomfort in some people. This may be labeled as Celiac … Continue reading

Detox After Christmas Excess!

Typical detox foods

By Karen Thimble Overdoing and overeating during the holidays is as commonplace to us as running two marathons back to back. If you are like most of us, you are feeling guilty, bloated and not so well. So here are 9 foods that you can easily and quickly add to … Continue reading

Energy Foods

By Karen Thimble Friends and family alike always seem to ask me the same questions over and over…what do you eat before and after a tough workout?  How do you get your protein and what do you do to maintain a high energy level?  As we know, this can be … Continue reading

Erik’s Gear & Gadgets Corner: Energy Gels & Drinks

Erik Emanuele

By Erik Emanuele I have been asked to answer some simple questions from beginners and longtime runners about “fuel” while we run or train. This for some however may not be so simple. For those of us who have struggled with lack of energy to finish strong, cramping, dietary issues, … Continue reading

Trizophrenia: Eat, Drink & Race

By Ray Long, with nutrition advice from coach Kelli Montgomery Triathlon is comprised of three sports – swimming, biking and running. There is, however, an often overlooked and underappreciated FOURTH activity in our sport: Nutrition! For those of us racing longer triathlons – 70.3 half-ironman and ironman distances – nutrition … Continue reading

Maca Root: The Super-”Super Food”

By Karen Thimble You may or may not have heard about Maca Root or Maca , but we certainly could all use some with our busy training schedules and lives. Russian scientists back in the 1930s studying plant medicine discovered that some plants promote non-specific benefits to an organism while … Continue reading