Beginners Running Seminar with Paul Vella

Let’s get ready for the warm-weather running season together!

Dr. Paul Vella from the Glastonbury River Runners will host a general running seminar on April 23, 2015, at 6:30 p.m. at “The Hearth,” 281 Western Blvd, Glastonbury, CT.

This program is for both new runners and those who may be a little rusty. Dr. Vella along with other GRR coaches will discuss our most popular FREE training programs: “Get Fit to 5K” and “Get Fit to 10K.” Fleet Feet of West Hartford also will be stopping by to talk about running sneakers and hand out coupons.

Bring your friends or make new friends with the Glastonbury River Runners. Now is the time to get those bodies moving.

Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP at

Remember to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Congratulations Beginners!

Dawn Emanuele
Dawn Emanuele

It’s amazing to be able to witness the pride and determination on people’s faces as another Beginner group continues to accomplish weekly goals in the midst of some wet and cold weather.

We are on our 7th week of training and many people have stuck with the program and powered through the weather challenges that this session has had to face. Anyone that has put in the effort for what is needed to get to this point in the training, will definitely be successful and cross the finish line of our Run Diva Run race on April 7th!

Our next beginner session will begin Saturday, April 27th. Just three weeks after our Run Diva Run race! Know someone interested in running, send them our way! If you are looking for a rewarding experience and would like to volunteer some of your time to run with the beginner runners and/or help organize the beginner group please send an email to

Huge Turnout for Beginners Group!

We are one week into the Beginner Group training with 62 registered participants and more people are still inquiring!

What is even more impressive than the number of people is the motivation that this group is showing. Each session the energy is so positive as they work toward achieving their individual goals.

Glastonbury River Runners beginners group - Tuesday night sessionWith this size running group, you need people to support it. We have the best members/volunteers out there paying it forward and supporting these runners. I have already heard so many thank yous for having this program and people volunteering. We couldn’t do this without our wonderful volunteers!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

If anyone else would like to lend some support, please contact me at

Glastonbury River Runners volunteers

Rain or Shine…Our 5K Beginner Group is Shining Bright!

Dawn EmanueleBy Dawn Emanuele

We currently have 29 participants in our training group that have been very dedicated to their training. While this group is smaller than our first group this year, their drive is just as strong. Our Tuesday weather has been very rainy the last two sessions and yet we have the determination of some participants shining through by showing up regardless of the weather!

Even if they can’t join our group sessions at times, I am being told that they are doing the training on their own on another day or time. Each participant is accomplishing their weekly goals at their own pace knowing that they will soon be able to complete our NRG Energy Firecracker 5K race on July 1st. Keep up the GREAT work! Each of you are doing an awesome job!!!

I also want to mention how dedicated our volunteers have been this session. This training group is all possible because we have so many wonderful people willing to help out. Many of them are volunteering after just completing the previous 5K Training Program themselves and joining as NEW GRR members.

I think that shows how much they appreciated the program, made running a part of their lives and now want to pay it forward to the participants of this group. We have the best members ever!!!

Congrats to all!


Walkers Hit 8 Miles; From May 5th, Start at 7:30 AM

From Margaret Rorrio to all Rockin’ Walkers

On May 5th we hit our first 8 miler..Double yippi!

But with the longer miles and the rising of heat we will need to start meeting earlier. On May 5th we start at 7:30 AM.

Rogue walkers may choose to stay at 8 AM or change to 7:30 AM as you guys will not be going over 4 miles;)-

Tuesdays will stay the same at 5:30 PM.


Strong Finish for the GRR Beginner 5K Group!

Beginners 5K Group before the Diva Run 2012After nine weeks of training, our beginner group showed up to accomplish their goal and they did it!!! They finished their training strong. Each person had their personal goal for the race, went out and succeeded. This was no different from what we saw during their individual efforts throughout this training program. This group was very dedicated and motivated. CONGRATS TO ALL!!!
Continue reading “Strong Finish for the GRR Beginner 5K Group!”

Three Cheers for Diva 5K Beginner Program Volunteers!

Dawn EmanueleBy Dawn Emanuele

As this training session is almost over and the beginners will be accomplishing their goal by completing our Spicy Green Bean Diva Race on April 15th, I want to make sure that all of the volunteers are recognized and they know how very much I appreciate their support. Without the support of our wonderful club members that volunteered, we wouldn’t be able to offer this successful program to the training participants, which has resulted in over 10 new members to our club (and more to come so I have been told).

A HUGE Thank you to: Jessica Crowley who organized the volunteer reminders each week, Rosemary Hokanson as well as Jessica Crowley who assisted me in running the beginner group on the days that I was not able to attend as well as the days that I was there. Their support is greatly appreciated!

The following individuals graciously volunteered their time, many of them for multiple sessions: Anne Bowman, Maureen Cosgrove, Rich Baber, Dan Dixon, Alisa Amendola, Claudia Kefor, Joe Carta, Kate Fagan Rich, Karen Thimble, Bob Gralton, Yvonne Lee, Nathan Cropper, Melanie Sandoval, Margaret Rorrio, Maureen Miller and Erik Emanuele.

Again, THANK YOU for your time and dedication to making this program a success! We couldn’t do it without you.

Dedicated Diva 5K Beginners Almost At Finish Line!

Dawn EmanueleBy Dawn Emanuele

Only two group training sessions remain before these dedicated beginners will be crossing over the Spicy Green Bean DIVA 5K finish line on April 15th!

After nine weeks of training we have participants that are thoroughly excited with the journey they have been on and how far they have come. It’s a wonderful feeling as a beginner and being able to look back on the first week and remembering where you started and how far you have come. Showing up is the hardest part of running. Once you are there, it’s just one step at a time. It doesn’t matter what your pace is, but that you showed up to accomplish YOUR goal. That’s a great feeling!

Each one of you continue to do such an AWESOME job! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF YOU!!! YOU ARE ALMOST THERE!!!

Congratulations Beginners!

By Dawn Emanuele

Despite the threat of snow almost 40 dedicated and motivated people showed up to begin their 5k training journey on Saturday, February 11th. They completed 1.25 miles with warm ups, run / walk intervals and a cool down.

Our session started with an explanation of our program, a brief talk from Erik Emanuele welcoming the beginners and about proper footwear (coupon provided from Fleet Feet), a group of nine GRR volunteers (thank you!!!) came to assist and support the beginners and Nathan Cropper led the group through their stretches to close out our first session. Continue reading “Congratulations Beginners!”

Beginner 5K Training Program: Couch to 5K

Beginner group at Firecracker 5K
Photo: Kristen Stevens

Walk or run your way to your first 5K! The Glastonbury River Runners FREE “Couch to 5K” beginner training program started September 10th, 2011.

Training sessions

  • Saturday mornings @ 8 AM at Riverfront Park (100 Welles Street) in Glastonbury. First Saturday training takes place on September 10th
  • Tuesday evenings @ 6 PM at Rotary Field, Olde Stage Road, Glastonbury. First Tuesday training takes place on September 13th Continue reading “Beginner 5K Training Program: Couch to 5K”