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Please welcome our newest sponsor, Mission Fitness!

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What We Believe

The Glastonbury River Runners promote running for health, camaraderie, and competition for runners of all ages and abilities. We provide a supportive, friendly environment that encourages each of us to achieve our personal best. In addition to organizing and supporting local events, we also cooperate with other organizations to foster and develop endurance sports in the region.

April Showers 5K!

Join us for the Sound Runner April Showers 5K, a fun event hosted by the Glastonbury River Runners, at Glastonbury’s Riverfront Park on Sunday, April 3, 2016Sponsor_SoundRunner.

This 5K is also the kick off for the Sound Runner 2016 Race Series!

This 5k takes place on a pancake-flat course in this scenic Connecticut River town and support the good work of the friends of Glastonbury youth.

Race Times

9 a.m. Race Start at RiverFront Park

8:30 a.m. Free ¼-mile Kids Fun Run


$50 gift card for overall female and male winners

5K: First overall male and female finishers and multiple age groups, male and female

Race Management

UnknownThis event is directed by a Certified RRCA Race Director.

Timing Provided by Timing Plus New England


The races are run on a flat course starting and finishing in Riverfront Park. Check out the course below or download a course map.


Registration & Bib Pick-Up

Register at RunSignUp or if you would like you can click here to download and print a registration form. You can then mail it to the PO box on the registration no later than 3/26/16.

Pre-Registration (online only): $20. Pre-registration closes at 5 p.m. March 29. After this date price increases to $25.

Registration at soundrunner on April 1 from 2-7PM or April 2 from 12-4: $25 (cash/check only)

20% off of purchase for registered runners during bib pick up and race day at soundRunner

First 150 Registered Runners get  a GRR Tech T-Shirt

For more information, contact:

Member Spotlight

NAME: Kevin Savage

AGE: 42


RUNNING HISTORY: I ran cross country and track in high school, then took 20+ years off from running all together before picking it up again at age 40. I did a few 5Ks before a friend suggested that I could run a half marathon, something I had never done before. After joining GRR in Aug. 2014, I went on to complete my first half marathon in Hartford later that year.


As a newbie to GRR, I did not know many people in the club – the members I met that day in Hartford were incredibly welcoming and supportive. It was then then that I caught the running bug and in 2015 I went on to run five more half marathons, several with GRR members.

WHY DO YOU RUN:  For me, running presents the opportunity to enjoy being on the open road where I can allow my mind to wander for just a little bit, reflecting on where I’ve been and thinking about what’s ahead. It’s a place where I capture just a small moment in time to clear my head, catch up with my running crew or have some alone time after a long day.


Running allows me to enter a world where I can explore possibilities, push boundaries and attempt to be extraordinary in my own way.  One of my favorite expressions that exemplifies this is “Running is not about being better than someone else.  It’s about being better than you used to be.”  That’s why I run.


NEXT RUNNING RACE/GOAL:  My goal this year is to complete my first marathon, something I never believed I could do. I’ve been inspired by seeing friends at GRR achieve their personal best in races throughout the year and accomplish goals they set for themselves.

FANTASY RUNNING DESTINATION:  Anywhere along the beach where I can see white sand for miles and listen to waves crashing against the shore – for me, that is running bliss.

FAVORITE ENERGY FOOD/DRINK:  Gatorade is my “go to” drink, perhaps because it is available at so many race events. The fact that my daughter also likes Gatorade means we often have an ample supply at home.

FAVORITE MUSIC TO RUN TO:  Believe it or not, I don’t listen to music when I run. I like using the time spent running with groups to catch up with friends as well as meet new people.  I’ve connected with several GRR members at different events as well as met new people from other areas of the state when running with pace groups – we are fortunate to have such a great running community in town and the greater Hartford area.

FAVORITE NON-RUNNING ACTIVITIES:  Golf is one of my favorite activities, although running seems to now be consuming the time I once had to hit the links. I hope to find a little more balance this year to allow myself time for running and golf, perhaps there is a way to combine them. J

TIPS FOR NEW RUNNERS:  I recently saw a quote from Arthur Ashe that said “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” I am a big believer in starting where you are and taking the first step, ready or not. So don’t be afraid to get started, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain – be patient and recognize your gains will take time – find a support system, a running buddy or group who can help you along the way.


BY: Ed Ureta

Club Member Race Results

Please submit additional results to

Here are some results from recent races submitted by members:


2014 Fall Mohawk Hudson River Marathon:

Amira Lerario  3:31:27

Dave Ford         3:34:58

Trisha King          3:38.56     Third in Age Group F 50-54

Mary Daley         3:48:19     First in Age Group  F 60 – 64

Boston Marathon  2015

Joe Hallisey    3:03:29

Claudia Kefor   3:36:43

Laura Deluca      3:42:27

Tricia King          3:48:25

Mary Daley        3:53:18

JoAnn Rankin     4:01:40

Hartford Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K 2015


Betty Chang-Twillie 3:14

Rich Borbely 3:36

Christine Crocker 3:38

Half Marathon:

Debarchana Ghosh 2:05

Ed Ureta 2:10

Thomas Meglin 2:09

Jessica Zimmerman 2:19

John Williams 2:19

Chris Love 2:30

Adam Fleisher 2:30

Miles Fleisher 2:30

Tina Pagliughi 2:02

Bernice Pratt 2:04

Heather Bruneau 2:02

Leslie Anderson 2:18

Kevin Savage 1:55

Kit Hobbs 2:24

Chris Goff 1:43

Lori Lowry 2:05

Suzanne Carlson 2:12

Meredith Nash 2:05

Patricia Allen-May 2:14


Yogesh Katechia 25:29

Angela Quick 27:36

Saturday Group Runs

Join us for a Saturday group run! Whether you are new to the club, just trying it out, or coming back, we’d love to see you!

You can try a run a couple of times, but please join the club if you intend on running with us regularly. Join here.

The following groups will meet on Saturday, March 26, 2016:

Fabulous Fours: Center of town, Glastonbury, CT. 6:30AM, 10+ miles, no defined routes.

Intermediates: Buttonball School, Glastonbury, CT. 7AM. Varied distances, routes TBD.

Civilized: Glastonbury Town Green, 7:30AM. About 10 miles.

Rockin Walkers: Contact Margaret @

McKeen Law Race To Fill The Pantry Results and Photos

Artwork for this year’s T-shirt by Christopher Kolasinski,  Grade 3, GEHMS.

Way to go!


This past weekend, Glastonbury RIver Runners hosted the 8th annual McKeen Law Race to fill the pantry! We were lucky to have beautiful weather, coming in at around 50 when the race started.




Congratulations to all of the runners and walkers who finished the race!

A special shout out to our Get Fit To 5K Graduates who finished the race!

Congratulations to our Zoomerangs and their parents who completed their first 5K!



Timing Was managed by Timing Plus New England.

Results Can be found here!

Photos can be found here!

Top Male Finisher 5K

Brian Nelson with a time of 16:14

Top Female Finisher 5K

Karey Busque with a time of 20:06

Top 3 Overall 2 miller finishers

Autumn Twillie with a time of 13:21

Amy Cardone with a time of 16:48

Samuel Forte with a time of 17:14


A Special Thanks!

Thank You to all of our great sponsors who make our races possible and support our mission.

Thank you to our naming sponsor, Ryan McKeen and the McKeen Law Firm, a long time sponsor and friend of GRR.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Glastonbury food pantry,and the GEHMS Green Leaf Program.

Our GRR Members

A Special thank you to our GRR board: President, Margaret Rorrio, Vice president and RRCA certified race director Rosemary Hokanson, Secretary and Registration Deb Meincke, Achillies guide Chris Love, Sponsor Mike Keenan, and Course Manager Chris Goff.

Also to all of our members, volunteers, and coaches, namely Get Fit to 5K lead coaches Ed Ureta and Deb Meincke. Without all of you none of this would be possible.

Also to Katie Meincke and Roy Wrenn for providing photography services at the race!

Also to Kate Rich, leader of the zoomerangs program!

Save The Dates:

Our next race will be April 3rd, 2016. Join us for the Soundrunner April Showers 5K Road Race! Held at Riverfront park Glastonbury, CT.

The Firecracker 5K Held at Rotary Field on June 26th 2016.

The 9th annual Race To Fill the Pantry 5K on November 6th 2016 at Riverfront Park.