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Fuller Yoga for Glastonbury Runners?

Fuller Yoga logoJustine Fuller of Fuller Yoga, Pilates & Massage may be new to Glastonbury, but she’s not new to yoga. Having opened its doors in spring 2011, the 2450 Main Street studio is the latest stop in a 15 year career in which Fuller has honed a uniquely student-focused approach to yoga, pilates and personal wellness.

The Fuller Yoga philosophy is refreshingly simple – but don’t think that you won’t be challenged to achieve your personal best when you unroll your mat. Having long ago committed to honoring the rhythms of her body and breath, Fuller invites every student to approach their practice from this same starting point. And this point d’appui, according to Fuller, differs for everyone.

I believe in honoring each student at their beginnings, yet I challenge everyone to a deeper level of acknowledging themselves and becoming practitioners of unconditional acceptance.

The Fuller Yoga, Pilates & Massage class menu is designed to reflect the broad range of talents and aspirations Fuller sees in her students. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening of slow stretches in Deep Restorative Yoga, or an afternoon of muscle sculpting vinyasas in Heated Power Yoga, Fuller Yoga will help you achieve – or set – your goals.

Fuller Yoga, the studio’s namesake class, is perhaps the most unconventional class offering. Held on a specially designed 6” circular mat, this 90 minute journey will take you places no yoga mat has ever before permitted. Celebrating the body’s expansive impulses, the Fuller Mat encourages fluidity of motion and invites creative sequences that open the mind and body to organic transitions between postures.

Fuller’s innovative spirit and appreciation for the unique needs of her community inspire her to keep her studio closely aligned with her students’ interests. Most recently, she’s added Baptiste inspired Heated Yoga with athlete Pam Mirante inspiring you to achieve flexibility and agility.

An exemplar of agility and imagination, Fuller is an entrepreneuse who’s made a habit of confronting the status quo with disarming confidence. Her latest scheme? Carving out a space for men in the traditionally female-laden world of yoga.

By synthesizing contemporary savvy with ancient yogic traditions, Fuller has fashioned a studio that’s ideal for all students looking to cross train, de-stress, and cultivate well-being through the creative disciplines of yoga and pilates.

In opening the Glastonbury chapter of her pursuit of movement, breath, and self-awareness, Fuller envisions a space in which success is measured by each student’s evolving practice and enhanced well-being. In addition to the numerous people who are dropping their jean size.

When asked one thing a new student should know when embarking on their practice at the studio, Fuller is quick to answer, “you will learn yoga, not just do yoga.”

With decreased blood pressure, strengthened immunity and metabolic balance just a few items on the long list of health benefits attributed to a regular yoga practice, this is one education most of us can’t afford to pass up.

And if that’s not incentive enough, Fuller Yoga is offering new students an unbeatable introductory package – 30 days of unlimited classes for $45.


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  1. Tom Pilch

    I would like to try this to improve my running & breathing during the runs. Also for more flexibility for golf. What can you tell me about the classes and what do I need to bring? When are the times & days for those type of classes? Do I need a matt for this? Thank you.

    Tom Pilch

    1. Glastonbury River Runners

      Hi Tom,
      Best to contact Sacred Rivers Yoga directly – their schedule and contact details are here: http://www.sacredriversyoga.com/schedule.html

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