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Kings and Queens of Pain – Results and Photos

Congratulations to all who braved the cold and wind this morning – you truly earned yourselves the title Kings and Queens of Pain.

From Rich Baber, co-race director along with Susan Sacco:

The King of Pain went off without a hitch, and with howling winds and single digit temps, it lived up to its name. We had a small but spirited group of runners who all raved about the opportunity to get in such a good workout while enjoying some of the nicest scenery that Glastonbury has to offer.

And the post-race potluck made it all worth it. It was nice to get to know some of the runners from the area’s running clubs.

Susan and I would like to thank Mike Keenan for setting up the course and sweeping the race, Jon and Melanie Sandoval for taking care of registration and timing, Tom Pilch for manning the water stop on the top of Belltown Hill, Trish King for hobbling over on her sprained ankle and bringing hot soups, and Deb McFall and Monica Guy for chronicling the whole event with their great photos (and everybody who brought the terrific food!).


Our top three finishers were:


  • Joint 1st & 2nd: Tony Bonannov and Clint Morse (Shenipsit Striders): 1:11:27
  • 3rd: Art Byram (GRR): 1:14:25


  • 1st: Brianne Carlson (Silk City Striders): 1:18:28
  • 2nd: Kate Rich (GRR): 1:23:34
  • 3rd: Becky Purdy: 1:28:04

And a special award to Sasha Fulton of the Willimantic Athletic Club: 1st Place in the Canine Division.

Full results below the photo slideshow.


All photos are free to download on Flickr (see King of Pain 2013 Photo Gallery). If you would like high-resolution versions suitable for printing, email info@glastonburyriverrunners.com.

Full results

1:11:27 – Tony Bonannov & Clint Morse – Joint winners

1:14:25 – Art Byram

1:16:32 – Brett Roberson

1:17:26 – David Ford

1:18:28 – Brianne Carlson – 1st female

1:21:38 – Ray McFall

1:22:51 – Philip Baribache

1:23:34 – Kate Rich

1:28:04 – Becky Purdy

1:30:04 – Mitch Bielenda

1:30:11 – Laurie DeLuca

1:33:32 – Marisa Howard

1:34:13 – Jack Fulton

1:37:17 – Lewis Bariboult

1:39:24 – Yvonne Lee

1:41:07 – Tracey Davile

1:41:11 – Lori Lowry

1:46:54 – Dave Zevin

1:46:54 – Michael Bekele

1:47:16 – Syed Hashmi



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  1. Becky Purdy

    It was indeed a fun time! Thank you for putting on a nice event with good challenges and a warm post-race. A slight correction: I’m (Becky Purdy) not a member of the Silk City Striders. No offense taken, of course! I look forward to more runs with all of you.

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