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Colchester Half Marathon Results

The great tradition that is the Colchester Half Marathon had its 21st running on Saturday, February 23rd and, as always, it was a great time. This fun event has everything; scenic views, lots of hills, unpredictable weather, and great, great food. (Who else but a runner would call two hours of torture “fun”?)

Our club, as usual, was well represented, starting with Joe Halllisey and Jorge Kuljis who finished 29th and 38th respectively, and including Ed Ureta, who suffered some mishaps on the course but still toughed it out to cross the finish line. This is a tough course, so congratulations to everyone who met the challenge today.

GRR at Colchester Half Marathon 2013GRR results:

  • Lori and Steve at Colchester Half Marathon

    Lori Lowry & Steve Peck

    Joe Hallisey: 1:28:40

  • Jorge Kuljis: 1:29:53
  • Bob Gralton: 1:39:48
  • Kevin Rice: 1:45:29
  • Rich Baber: 1:50:48
  • Steve Peck: 1:54:16
  • Agnes Porell: 1:58:12
  • Gary Richards: 1:59:30
  • Ray & Deb McFall: 1:59:41.82
  • Yvonne Lee: 2:05:30
  • Bryan Holcombe 2:06:16
  • Lori Lowry: 2:23:58
  • Ed Ureta: 2:40:50

See full results from Colchester Half Marathon, 2013

If you ran and your results are not above, please email info@glastonburyriverrunners.com.


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