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Team GRR at Mumbai Marathon!

Congratulations to Team GRR at Mumbai Marathon!

From Syed Hashmi, one of the participants:

We all finished our Mumbai Marathon and had lot of fun. The weather was around 70 deg at the start and it became very hot and humid after few hours. There are several stories to tell about this marathon including Razia running the entire marathon with Nabil and had a great time.

  • Michael: 4:59:02
  • Syed. 4:59:06
  • Razia. 5:05:56
  • Nabil. 5:05:56
  • Shaun. 5:20:09

Shaun would have finished much earlier if he had not been looking for a Porte a potty. Shaun also had taken lot of pictures on the run.

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