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Brett Pummels Lake Terramuggus Olympic Triathlon

Sweaty Brett at Lake TCongratulations to Brett Roberson for his impressive performance in the inaugural Lake T Olympic triathlon in Malborough on Saturday, August 25, 2012 – 2:17:43, about 20 minutes faster than his last (and first) olympic tri time, and 20th overall.

See the full results from the Lake Terramuggus Olympic Triathlon.

Race report from Brett:

The Lake Terramuggus Olympic Triathlon is big version of the summer sprint triathlon series. The same super friendly racers and organizers. Blish park is a great venue with plenty of parking and room for spectators. This year set a record with 150 competitors of various levels.

The swim

Heavy morning fog on the lake got the swim started off with some excitement. lining up waiting for the starting gun the fog was so heavy you couldn’t see much of anything. Required trust someone actually put the marker out and eventually you’d stumble onto it.

Other than only being able to see about 20 meters the swim was fantastic, smooth water and mid sixties. There’s always some tussling back and forth in the swim, this was no exception but the course was wide enough you could stay clear of the pack. The swim out was great even with the turn around point scavenger hunt. Once you got there it was fast to get back.

The bike

The bike course was new this year with a nice downhill on 66 followed by a, not so easy, mile long set of hills right after it! The loop was 6 miles so you got four opportunities to get the climb right. The race organizers had lots of volunteers and police out the keep the roads clear and safe. I made the entire ride without having to slow down for traffic.

There were officials on the course to enforce the safety rules to the chagrin of the riders sent to the penalty box along the way. After 4 climbs I was ready to get back to the transition point and give my quads a break.

The run

An uphill start to the run was painful but really cleared the field quickly. By the time I got to the top my heart was pounding but from there it leveled out and then eased into a nice downhill. About this point I switched from thinking being a runner in a triathlon was a bad idea to thinking it’s pure genius. Two laps around the course, steady just eating up the distance as you go.

The race finishes with a nice gradual downhill to the final turn where you can make up a bit of time. The turn back into the park is easy to find, it’s lined with local fans, friends and families cheering the runners on and snapping pictures like japanese tourists.

The finish

It was a great race for me. I finished with a 2:17:43, the first thing I thought when I crossed the finish was I wanted to do it again.

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