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Suresh Wins Shirtless Guy Competition

Race report by Suresh Jatti

I’m reporting on the 5k (THE RENTSCHLER AIRFIELD 5K) Kevin Rice and I ran last Thursday, July 12.

Inaugural 5k that started and finished at Cabela’s. The race started at 6pm. The race goes thru old runway, bike trail, by Rentschler field and back to Cabela’s and it was flat.

It was toasty (93 deg per race announcer) and windy (20 mph winds). Wind was in our face in first mile, behind our back in mile 2 and again in our face in mile 3.

Nice beer (ten penny ale) and food (burgers, chips and donuts) after the race.

331 finishers on this day. Kevin did really well and won his age group with a time of 19:57. I came in 3rd in my age group (hooray! my first age group placement) with a time of 19:09.

I’m even more proud of winning the ‘shirtless guy division’. It wasn’t easy as I had to pass another shirtless guy in mile 3 to win this division.

See full results from the Rentschler Airfield 5K.


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