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Sugarloaf Marathon: A Fake Moose, Ancient Knees, Lumber Yard & Stolen Coffee

By a fake moose at Sugarloaf MarathonRace report by Rich Baber

Last weekend was a great, great time. The six of us had a total blast. Although, as you can imagine after six hours in Pam’s van going up, and then staying together in a condo, and then six more hours on the way home, we all got a little punchy.

The race was small but really well organized, with spectacular views; mountains, streams, woods, etc, no moose sightings, however.

The course was rolling and uphill for the first 10 1/2 miles, then mostly downhill to the finish line, which was in the parking lot of the lumber company that sponsored the race. Best post-race food item: homemade granola with yogurt.

Bob Gralton led the way with a 3:38 (his second best time) and Claudia ran a strong 3:48 to win her age group. Kevin and Pam ran together and both ended up finishing with great times. I, on my ancient knees, and Sandy, fighting a stomach bug, gutted it out and crossed the finish line.

In the final analysis, we all agreed that it was a memorable weekend and plan on going again next year. (Whyy don’t you join us?)

Kevin steals coffee at DaybreakWe didn’t take many photos, unfortunately, but I do have three; one of the view from our condo, one posing with a moose (fake), and one at Daybreak as we are leaving town. From the expression on Kevin’s face, I am fairly sure that he is stealing the coffee.

See full race results from the GRR team at Sugarloaf Marathon.

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