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Club Marathon Records

GRR All-Time Records: Marathons – Men

RankGRR MemberTimeRaceDate
1Mike Keenan2:48:18Disney Marathon1/11/09
2Mike Keenan2:51:59Clarence DeMar Marathon9/28/08
3Mike Keenan2:55:06Boston Marathon4/20/09
4Mike Keenan2:59:12Providence Marathon5/6/12
5Jorge Kuljis3:04:55Marine Corps Marathon10/30/11
6Suresh Jatti3:05:32Chicago Marathon10/7/12
7Jorge Kuljis3:08:44New Jersey Marathon5/1/11
8Kevin Rice3:09:19Marine Corps Marathon10/30/11
9Mike Keenan3:11:25Clarence DeMar Marathon9/27/09
10Art Byram3:11:49Boston Marathon4/20/09

GRR All-Time Records: Marathons – Women

RankGRR MemberTimeRaceDate
1Monica Guy3:18:53Boston Marathon4/18/11
2Carrie O'Neil Hill3:29:31Boston Marathon4/19/10
3Amira Lerario3:32:02Chicago Marathon10/7/12
4Amira Lerario3:32:10Boston Marathon4/18/11
5Claudia Kefor3:33:49Hartford Marathon10/11/08
6Monica Guy3:33:51Clarence DeMar Marathon9/26/10
7Pam Grande3:34:02Hartford Marathon10/11/08
8Claudia Kefor3:38:37Hartford Marathon10/9/10
9Claudia Kefor3:39:34Boston Marathon4/19/10
10Amira Lerario3:39:43NYC Marathon11/6/11
10Karen Thimble3:42:25Wineglass Marathon10/5/08

GRR Age Group Records: Marathons – Men

Age GroupGRR MemberTimeRaceDate
25–29Jorge Kuljis (29)3:44:56Providence Marathon5/3/09
30–34Jorge Kuljis (31)3:04:55Marine Corps Marathon10/30/11
35–39Mike Keenan (36)2:48:18Disney Marathon1/11/09
40–44Suresh Jatti (41)3:17:16Lehigh Valley Marathon9/11/11
45–49Kevin Rice (47)3:09:19Marine Corps Marathon10/30/11
50–54Syed Hashmi (54)4:13:19Milwaukee Marathon10/2/11
55–59Rich Baber (59)3:41:29Chicago Marathon10/11/09
60–64Rich Baber (60)3:54:30Lincoln Marathon5/2/10
65–69Dave Zevin (68)4:35:12Kalamazoo Marathon

GRR Age Group Records: Marathons – Women

Age GroupGRR MemberTimeRaceDate
25–29Monica Guy (28)3:18:53Boston4/18/11
30–34Carrie OÕNeil Hill (30)3:29:31Boston4/19/10
35–39Kate Rich (39)3:56:31Marine Corps10/30/11
40–44Amira Lerario (44)3:32:10Boston4/18/11
45–49Claudia Kefor (47)3:33:49Hartford10/11/08
50–54Karen Thimble3:42:25Wineglass10/5/08
55–59Mary Daley4:02:14Boston4/18/11


  1. Times achieved while an active club member.
  2. For corrections and additions, please email info@glastonburyriverrunners.com
  3. Thanks to Rich Baber for compiling the marathon rankings.


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  1. DaveZevin


    My time @ Kalamazoo, 4:35:12 is faster than the listed record for men 65-69.

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