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Rain or Shine…Our 5K Beginner Group is Shining Bright!

Dawn EmanueleBy Dawn Emanuele

We currently have 29 participants in our training group that have been very dedicated to their training. While this group is smaller than our first group this year, their drive is just as strong. Our Tuesday weather has been very rainy the last two sessions and yet we have the determination of some participants shining through by showing up regardless of the weather!

Even if they can’t join our group sessions at times, I am being told that they are doing the training on their own on another day or time. Each participant is accomplishing their weekly goals at their own pace knowing that they will soon be able to complete our NRG Energy Firecracker 5K race on July 1st. Keep up the GREAT work! Each of you are doing an awesome job!!!

I also want to mention how dedicated our volunteers have been this session. This training group is all possible because we have so many wonderful people willing to help out. Many of them are volunteering after just completing the previous 5K Training Program themselves and joining as NEW GRR members.

I think that shows how much they appreciated the program, made running a part of their lives and now want to pay it forward to the participants of this group. We have the best members ever!!!

Congrats to all!


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